1. Critropolitan is an outlook and an attitude,

2. Its critropolitan to ask,

what assumptions about life, society, people, knowledge, and so on

are implicit in a belief, opinion, or sentiment

and why should we take those presuppositions as given

3. Its critropolitan to wonder,

When a justification is offered to support a position

Is it the position appealing because the argument is persuasive

Or is it being advanced for another reason?


Curiously skeptical, Leftwing without partisanship or dogma,


uncritical, opinionated without consideration,

Related Terms:

Critical Theory, Critical Legal Studies, Existentialism, Analytic Marxism, Philosophy of Social Science, Realism, Logical Positivism,


2009;  A portmanteau of ‘critical’ and ‘metropolitan’, coined for the purpose of describing the vibe of a blog by the same name, intended to evoke the connations associated with ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘critique’, ‘polis’, and ‘political’, while being memorable, pleasent sounding, and the top google hit for the term.


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